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from 1974


At TMR we handle large quantities of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal every year and always offer competitive prices.

We deal with large and small companies, local authorities, tradesman and the general public and accept scrap metal quantities of any size. With a collection service covering all of locations and the surrounding areas we are more than capable of meeting your requirements.

​Premium quality processed metals to internationally recognised specifications readily available for worldwide shipments.

Buying from us has never been so easy for domestic and export markets. Our readily supply of ferrous and non ferrous metals which conform to internationally recognised specifications are available for delivery worldwide via shipment by road, rail, shipping containers and vessels

from 1998


Progressively underwhelm enabled products after reliable functionalities. Assertively simplify business results without 24/7 meta-services. Globally initiate integrated initiatives without leveraged internal. Intrinsicly develop excellent e-services after vertical methodologies. Rapidiously foster integrated information before 2.0 mindshare.

from 2002


Eleks foreigntrade exported chemicals to the neighboring countries initially. In addition to exporting the Turkish made products, Eleks Foreign Trade is actively involved in the transit trade as well.
Eleks was primarily found as a distributor of specialty chemicals, building materials textile and food industries .Through extensive range of products and an efficient distribution network, Eleks foreign trade now reaches many locations mainly Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. With a wide network of offices and warehouses Eleks Foreign Trade has the necessary local knowledge and key global network to meet all your business requirements.

Eleks Foreign Trade supplies a full range of additives for many industries which are required during the manufacturing. We are strongly focused on serving the needs of our customers and we strive for clear agreements on a fair and honest basis

from 2004


To maintain the pioneering position in the world markets and our pro-active role in the international markets;
To improve our customers’ satisfactions,
To do more efficiently what we do now,
To diversify our business partners to offer our customers alternative products,
To establish healthy and sustainable growth to strengthen our working capital,
Our aim is to become your partner in getting what you want rather them selling what we have

Eleks Foreign Trade imports and stocks products from producers, located in the different parts of the world. Liquid and solid products are imported as either packed and unpacked. In addition to its regular imported products, Eleks Foreign Trade also import specific products on customers’ requests.

from 2007


Eleks Foreign Trade is able to store bulk and packaged products according to the product clasess. The firm also uses rented facilities located in the industrial zoness and ports nationwide to meet the sudden demands of the customers.

Deliveries of the products to the customers are planned and completed by the coordination of Sales and Logistics departments.