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Eleks logistics, it is our deepest belief that providing our customers with results based on their individual expectations is fundamental. Our expertise allows us to offer transportation services tailored to each client’s specific needs. This includes but is not limited to coming up with individual solutions for you, setting up your own individual route according to your specific needs. We are able to guarantee our clients a smooth and viable solution, which fully assesses and tackles all aspects and different moments of the shipment process. Shipping routes can be both international and domestic depending on the specifications of your freight.



As a holistic consultancy and engineering enterprise, Eleks Company sets the standard in the combination of strategic knowledge and implementation capabilities. Our experience in research, development and best practice makes us a natural partner for companies that need to respond dynamically to change and we ensure that all objectives can be achieved in the implementation of their projects.

Across all REGIONS

The know-how of our experts encompasses global industries and regional requirements. All world destination countries enable us to offer precise global solutions based on a deep local business understanding. When working with eleks, clients benefit from an integrated approach to logistics, having one partner support them with a seamless transition from strategy to execution.

Project Summary

A leading logistics service provider received a contract to construct a supply and logistics center (SLZ) for an rolling millfactory. Eleks Company supported the provider by defining required processes and planning detailed warehouse layouts based on the end-customer’s requirements. The team created a procedural handbook to document the processes in the supply and logistics center, which served as the basis for software programming and formulating work and process instructions... Project Scope Detailing the warehousing concept for the provider's new facility Definition and documentation of logistical processes Conduction of process training sessions with all participants